Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013: A Year in Cell Phone Pictures

Continuing with my blogging tradition, I present a sampling of the past year's silly cell phone shots.

After over-dosing on a plethora of food industry documentaries, 
I went (mostly) vegetarian. This was my first veg dish: eggplant lasagna.

We had our very first Stiles Chicken Day, complete with a visit from the Chick-fil-A cow!

My babies continued being cute.

 I made a few purchases for my upcoming London trip.

And then we went! :) 

I watched good friends make good music.

The 90s came back.

Our band had a good first year.

My rose bush was BEAUTIFUL!... and then I killed it... :(

Scarlet reproved her evil genius by opening 
and then consuming 3/4 a jar of peanut butter.

I was introduced to some dude. :)

We saw Mumford and Sons in Austin! 

I went home and managed to catch the sesquicentennial celebration for my hometown.

We volunteered at a PBS fundraiser.

I visited my sister in San Francisco.

After much practice, I found my balance!

Cedar Park Winds performed at TBA.

We spent an exorbitant amount of time watching the Perseids meteor shower.

This was edited but occurred completely naturally in my front yard.

My dream came true(!) as Rosetta Stone went on sale for $200!

I learned that I can run without dying...

...and then was crazy enough to run my first 5k with some cute guy.

My Passat died. :(

But my new Ford Fusion allowed me to use a specially designed chicken wallpaper!

I pulled up the hell strip and then hardscaped it (strangely enough, no pic of that...).

I learned that a well placed tortilla takes your outfit from day to night.

another early morning on the way to school

I played far too much Animal Crossing,

but I still managed to crank out a mile under 8 minutes! :) 
Yay for old people!

The chicken tradition continued...
...this time with a commemorative shirt.

I attended my first (atypical) Vogt Auction.

This whole year we have been discovering that we are secretly amazing chefs, 
and this braised duck was perhaps our finest moment. :) 

...although the spiced apple and pear pie 
complete with "the official chicken" was pretty dang tasty.

The official chicken also found its way onto a sweater at 
our very first Stiles Big Ugly Chicken Sweater Party. :) 

Justin Timberlake in Houston!!!

Fish stew... Enough said.

I came home one evening to discover my most awesome of neighbors had left a surprise!

With the help of a really cute dude, the kitchen transformation began with the removal of crappy linoleum and the installation of new dark countertops!!!

2013 was actually a pretty great year. My "new" band program grew tremendously, and the future is bright in (or maybe despite) our strange chicken culture. I find myself surrounded by loving supportive people, and that's pretty great. I am lucky enough to have found this silly guy who will draw chickens for my kiddos and backwards wink at me from across the way. All in all, I think the foundation is well laid for a super 2014, and I can't wait to see what ridiculousness the universe has in store! 

Be kind, universe!

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