My Home Project List

I so didn't accomplish most of these plans, so I'm extending them... indefinitely!
(Updated October 4, 2015)

1.   Figure out why my sink leaks
2. CLR the crap out of my shower head - CLR sucked, vinegar worked!!!
3. Seal the tiles on my fireplace… 6 years later
4. Finish mounting cabinet hardware in kitchen… 5 years later
5. Install (or pay for installation of) a garage door opener
6. Build a “fence” around my air conditioner unit
7. Finish paving my entry way
8. Remove the plants that toasted this summer
9. Replace rotten fence boards - some have been replaced
10. Finish baseboards around fireplace
11. Touch-up paint the baseboards that need it finally got this done when I replaced floors
12. Paint the molding we put up forever ago
13. Find a new shower curtain for the guest bath John brought his own when he moved in
14. Paint the guest bedroom
15. Re-organize my closet
16. Install a chandelier in my closet
17. Replace the god-forsaken brass porch light fixture I didn't replace it, but I painted it black
18. Pay someone to really clean the living room carpet… thank you doglets - did not turn out the way I had hoped.... will probably buy my own steam cleaner
19. Figure out an aesthetically pleasing way to get rid of some of my backyard grass
20. Actually carry through project #19
21. Install carpet edging around the fireplace
22. Install blinds in living room did it it the day I got back from Spain
23. Install blinds in kitchen
24. Re-organize my pantry
25. Replace baseboard near shower Thanks Dad!
26. Install molding in master toilet room Thanks Dad!
27. Put up mirror frame/molding in master bathroom
28. Paint garage
29. Make a side yard plan for the spring
30. Build semi-pergola in entryway
31. Buy a new dishwasher
32. Replace all standard lightbulbs with CFLs
32. Install a fan that does not make noise in my bedroom
33. Find the perfect floor lamp
34. Print and frame more of my travel pictures
35. Paint the kitchen chairs… or buy new ones  - Thanks Mom for giving me the nice chairs y'all weren't using anymore!
36. Install pull-out shelves for my bathroom cabinets
37. Donate the clothes and shoes I was okay with burning if the fire got to my house