Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year in Cell Phone Pictures

This is totally not an original idea as I stole it from another blog I frequent, but I love the idea of the story my random pictures tell. Here is a sampling from 2011, the year that should have ended a hell of a lot sooner.

I started learning to crochet (this was my SECOND project ever).

I researched ideas for what my next tattoo might be. Never got this one.

Roger and I started hardscaping our entry way. That Texas stone has never looked good in the way we envisioned it. My nephew Liam was born this same day, and 3 days later Roger died.

Shanna sent me this picture of Liam in the hat I made him (my first crochet project) the day we made the funeral arrangements. He was 5 days old. 

Not knowing what to do with all of Roger's white t-shirts, I found this awesome way to up-cycle them into t-shirt yarn.
I found that keeping myself busy with projects, like this scarf, kept me sane.

I visited the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art on Spring Break.

I learned how to turn that t-shirt yarn into a necklace.

My car was "dolphined" by a couple of ninja pranksters.

I researched more tattoo ideas...
...and decided on a more "calming" and "centered" design.

 We recorded for the Seattle Convention, were selected, and started thinking of t-shirt designs.
I did my first Painting with a Twist piece and was instantly hooked.

The golf balls... If you know, this needs no explanation...

I learned to make light catchers with mirrors and beads. 


And I crocheted some more.

I found a raincoat for the upcoming Seattle and Ireland trips.

We made it to Dublin, Ireland to spread the ashes.

I found out I secretly brewed my own beer...
...and visited dilapidated castles in Northern Ireland.
The view from one of our B&Bs...
...and we visited Gallaghers Boxty House, not the Alamo.

I came back to Texas and completed my second PwaT painting.

On a painting high, I painted the bathroom... and then repainted it because I hated it.

I learned to do some canvas paintings of my own with frog tape and the wall paint that sucked.

No idea why Scarlet was sitting with me on the bathroom floor.

I crocheted some more, sometimes with the assistance of the doglets.
I worked in the yard.

I went with friends to see Paul Simon.

I did my third painting.

We gave our Send Off Concert, and I actually wore a dress...

... and then we finally made it to Seattle with the band!

We accidentally left the travel agent at our hotel so we had to find another one. 

As a "treat" for the band kids, I straightened my hair. It never fails to be more disruptive than it is worth.

I decided that I would decorate for Christmas this year (since we didn't last year), 
and found these lights at Ikea.

I made the girls some bling to wear on Christmas and then forgot about it.

My sister and I made Christmas cookies.

Then we went ice skating at the Galleria in Dallas. No one fell. But if someone had fallen, it totally would have been her. :) 

Scarlet wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Santa brought me super nerdy insult cards. 

And Liam pretended to be a seal with my gloves on his feet.

As much as I thought 2010 sucked, 2011 managed to start absolutely horrifically and end surprisingly okay. Here's hoping next year's pictures tell a story of hope, completed projects, and a bright future.

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  1. Hi Darcy - I found you from my followers box on my blog {thanks, by the way!}. I loved that you did a year in cell phone photos too! I don't know you, and don't know your story - this is my first time here - but I can see just through this post how strong you are. I'm sure you don't feel it at times, but you are. Nice to "meet" you and I hope your 2012 FAR exceeds any and all expectations you have. Happy New Year!