Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winding Down

In one day, the busiest year of my life will have wound down just in time for the holidays. One day because I still have to get through a Winter Concert before I officially go into chill mode! :) 

I've been a busy crafting bee for a month or so; I just haven't had the time for documentation. The scarf to the left I made just in time for our trip to Seattle. It's super warm,  (more importantly) super easy scarf that I found the pattern online at Gardener's Rambling Blog. It's called the Ashlea Scarf, and it was seriously one of the fastest scarves I've ever made. 

The scarf above I finished last week. I put 2 pictures of it because you can see the sparkle yarn in the first and the detail in second. I actually made up my own pattern for this one. :) You totally can't tell based on the pictures, but the black sparkle scarf is about the same width as the one that is below. 

This is a scarf I'm currently working on. It's a skinny scarf only about 4 inches wide, if that much. I'm using a really light weight bamboo yarn that feels almost silky. Technically I started this scarf like 2 months ago, but maybe with the holiday break coming up I'll actually finish it. Again, this is a crazy easy pattern that I found at here.

Hopefully the upcoming break will provide me with some sleep catch up, late mornings, lots of coffee, ice skating (maybe!!!),  and crappy daytime tv with family and yarn. :) 

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